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Support and Guidance Hope counselors are dedicated to helping you discover which parts of your life you want to change and then guide you down the right path in order to help make your life a joyful and meaningful experience.

Counsel, Educate, Support and Inspire By helping you pin point the source of your difficulties, the Hope staff can lead you through the steps that will bring you to a place of security and self-knowledge in order to face life’s challenges with a new found confidence and clarity.
A Safe Place of Hope When you come to Hope you will meet with one of our counselors who will treat you with gentle compassion and empathy. Each session is held in a private setting. All personal information is held with the strictest confidence. Healing can sometimes hurt. The counselors at Hope will guide you through the healing process taking extra care to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible. Our aim is to help you experience your life as a fun and exciting journey.

Hope Counseling Service

Hope Counseling Service is a place which can help provide hope for life's difficulties such as:

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Hope Counseling Service, in Warren, MI provides a relaxed, comfortable environment for you to discuss your concerns, struggles, confusion or difficulties with one of our highly experienced professional counselors.

Counseling at Hope, in Warren, MI is of the highest quality, affordable and personally tailored to meet your unique needs and situation whether it is marriage, relational, addiction, court ordered, self improvement, grief or pornography.

Combined, the counselors at Hope in Warren, MI bring with them over 30 years of counseling expertise and are trained in all methods of counseling such as cognitive behavioral, Biblical, interpersonal and desensitization techniques.

After attending an introductory session at Hope you can look forward to receiving a multiple of proven successful lessons, tools, and communication techniques which will help guide you to meet your goals.

We work with the here and now, focusing on how your current beliefs or actions affect your behavior as well as your goals and hopes for the future.

We offer support and encouragement to all clients regardless of their beliefs, background or origin.

In addition to professional counseling, Hope Counseling Service offers life coaching, and parental supervision sessions.

The Hope staff can assist you with legal concerns regarding substance abuse and DUI assessment forms.

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