Spiritual Issues

Do you know what you believe? Do you know why you believe it? Who is God? And what does He think about you? Do you know what difference your beliefs make as you go through your life?

96% of people in the United States state that they believe in God. Over 90% pray. 69% are church members and 43% are likely to have attended a church, mosque, synagogue or temple within the past seven days.

Issues of spirituality can impact how a person approaches life in the areas of marriage, career, birth, death, children, family, friends, and health. In fact, almost every area of our lives are impacted by our beliefs. A person's spiritual life can provide strength, support and confidence through life's journey, especially through the painful times of life. A person's sense of spirituality forms meaning and purpose of life, inner resources, positive interconnection with others, the ability to transcend the immediate, goals, and beliefs about truth. Conflict about a person's sense of spirituality can hinder growth.

  • Are you at a cross-road of belief?
  • Are your behaviors and your beliefs in conflict?
  • Do you find yourself doubting what you used to trust as true?

Hope counselors all work from an understanding that our spirituality is an integral part of our lives. We are prepared to work with you as you explore your spiritual life and enquire about why your spirituality has not provided a strength for you in troubled times or how your sense of spirituality may have been part of the problem.

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