Supervised Parent Visitation

Sometimes a court or other institution determines that it is in the best interest of children to have time with a parent while being supervised by another responsible adult who would be able to assess behavior and is prepared to address anything that may be inappropriate or harmful for children.

If you or someone you know is required to be supervised while engaging in parenting time, please be aware that Hope Counseling Service is able to provide this service at some of its locations for a fee of $35 per hour. Please contact us for more information.

Life Coaching

Do you have a vision for your ideal life?

Have you always had a dream of advancing in your career or becoming successful at something but just haven’t made it a reality yet?

Then maybe what you need is a coach…

Life Coaches at Hope assist their clients to:

  • Recognize their skills and dreams
  • Refocus their life's goals
  • Move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals

Certified LPC Supervisors

Are you a counseling student who is ready for your internship?

Are you an LLPC who is in need of a work place that provides the required supervision staff?

At Hope you will find a comfortable learning environment where you are free to ask questions, expand your knowledge base, and be exposed to a variety of different situations.

Substance Abuse Screening and Assessments

Convicted DUI offenders undergo chemical dependency assessments in order for the court system to determine whether or not you have a drug or alcohol problem. The point of an assessment is to evaluate your level of drug or alcohol use and to recommend necessary treatment to prevent substance abuse or another DUI in the future

Hope Counseling Service can meet your screening, assessment and treatment needs for substance abuse. Please call for an appointment!

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