Pornography Addiction

Have you ever looked at pornography, thinking it's only a quick look what harm could it do? The answer is simple, pornography is progressive. The more you look the more you get drawn back to it.

Pornography develops more and more in your brain every time you look at it. If you watch it enough you will withdraw from people, friends and family. Eventually your thinking changes, you view women or men as objects and do not think normally about others in the way you used to.

The thought that some pornography will spice up a marriage is wrong thinking. It only divides you from your spouse and weakens the relationship. You partner deserves so much better from you.

If you're struggling, trying to quiton your own but losing at every turn, promising yourself that this will be the only time or last time then return over and over, you need professional help to break free of pornography.

Yes, there is life without pornography. You can walk free and win. Contact Mark Reid at Hope Counseling in Warren, MI. My number is 586-764-3940

I will come along side and help you win the battle over pornography. You can be free and enjoy life again.

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