Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Counseling and Life Coaching Cost?

At Hope, we are committed to providing affordable care for those that need our support. Therefore, we have created a sliding scale for our services in order to be fair to all households.

Household IncomeFee per 50 min session
Up to 34,99950.00
35,000 to 44,99960.00
45,000 to 54,99970.00
55,000 to 64,99980.00
65,000 to 74,99990.00
75,000 to 84,999100.00
85,000 to 94,999110.00
95,000 to 105,999120.00
106,000 to 115,999130.00
116,000 to 126,999140.00

Do you take insurance?

Hope Counseling Service is in the process of developing relationships with some insurance companies. Please contact Hope at 586-764-3940 for the latest updates on accepted insurances.

Where are you located?

Hope Counseling Service currently has two locations in order to better meet your needs.

The Warren office is located at
32400 Hoover Rd Warren MI 48039

The Mount Clemens office is located at
48 New Street Mount Clemens MI 48319

What are Your Hours and Appointment Times?

Each session at Hope begins on the hour and lasts 50 minutes. All cancelations must be communicated within 24 hours or are subject to cancelation fee. Special appointment times can be arranged on a case by case basis. Please call with appointment time requests. Hope Counseling Service is closed on weekends and Holidays.

Service HoursWarren LocationMount Clemens Location

Where Do I Park?

When visiting the Warren location please park in the south parking lot closest to Hoover Rd. Parking lot is handicapped accessible and has wheelchair ramp for those in need.

When visiting the Mount Clemens location please park in the metered parking lot across the street from the office. Parking is 25 cents per 30min of parking.

What do I do when I get to the office?

Warren Location-
Please arrive a few minutes before your session and ring the doorbell outside of the building. You will be welcomed by a member of the Hope staff who will escort you to your session area.

Mount Clemens-
Please enter the office and wait in the gift shop area. Your sessions take place upstairs of the jewelry store. A member of the Hope staff will greet you and take you up.

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