Eating Disorders

Have you become consumed by your relationship with food and how it affects your body? Many with Eating Disorders have feelings of guilt or embarrassment about their eating habits, appearance, and social activities. There are three eating disorders that are formally recognized by the APA:

*Anorexia Nervosa- Many who suffer from AN have an intense fear of gaining weight or "becoming fat", even though they may be normal to under their appropriate weight. Most females with AN also have amenorrhea (the absence of the menstrual cycle).

*Binge-Eating Disorder (aka: Compulsive Overeating) - Most who have BED have a sense of a lack of control when it comes to the consumption of food (feeling like they cannot stop or control what or how much is eaten in a certain period of time). Many are embarrassed by their eating habits and prefer to eat alone, or will engage is extra eating events after social occasions.

*Bulimia Nervosa- Those struggling with BN have been known to have series of binge-eating episodes followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviors in order to prevent weight gain (such as self-induced vomiting, misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or other medications, excessive fasting and/or exercise)

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