Childhood Trauma

Anyone who has encountered...

* Unrealistic expectations from parents
* Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
* Loss of a parent through death, divorce, addiction, illness or abandonment
* A withdrawn or emotionally unresponsive parent
* Catastrophic events such as tornado, flood, fire, war or civil unrest
* A mentally or emotionally unstable parent or close family member
* Assuming an adult role early in life ("parentified child")
* Medical concern requiring surgery or a hospital stay

may have experienced trauma.

Anything that inhibits a child's sense of love, protection, provision, security, identity, affectance (the ability to affect another person), belonging, joy or delight can be a source of trauma.

The caring professionals of Hope Counseling Service are prepared to address all forms of trauma with compassion and understanding. They are ready to walk through your story with you and to give you the resources necessary to end the legacy of pain that the trauma has written into your life. Come and be set free!

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